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Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tsuno)
at May 27th, 2007 (10:35 pm)

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Title: Rest in Peace
Author: Tsuno
Genre: Drama/romance
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't know Dominic, I don't know his brother. All the other characters are mine, though. This story is just a figment of my imagination.
Summary: Isabelle seems to have the perfect life. She has a great job and a wonderful fiancee. Then her grandmother dies and she finds comfort in the arms of the person she least expected.

u<>Chapter 2</u>


“Belle, Louise, we’re here.”

Isabelle, eleven years old, slowly opened her eyes. Her seven-year-old sister stirred in her sleep next to her. The drive to their grandmother’s house was always a long one. Just like every summer in the past, they were to stay at their Granny’s house, as their parents both were too occupied with their jobs. The kids loved it there. They could play with their nephew Damien and niece Jackie, who where eleven and eight years old, and with the other kids in the neighbourhood.

Belle stretched her legs and yawned before getting out of the car. Granny was already waiting for them outside the vehicle.

“My little princess!” the old lady said as she took Belle in her arms. “Oh, princess, you’ve grown so much since the last time I saw you!”

Belle grinned. She knew that she wasn’t very tall, but if Granny said she had grown, it must be the truth!

In the meantime, her dad had carried Louise out of the car. The little girl was still asleep, tired from the long ride. He carried her inside the house, and the rest of the family followed. Isabelle noticed the lovely smell of pancakes as they entered the house. Granny certainly knew how to pamper her grandchildren!

Her dad laid Louise on the sofa. The girl finally seemed to wake up. She opened her eyes a tiny bit and sighed.

Granny offered Belle’s parents a drink as Belle started to explore the house. It was what she always did first when she arrived at Granny’s house. She grabbed her backpack, which was stuffed with books and toys, and went up the stairs to her room. Her dad would carry her heavier bag in which her mum had put most of her clothes upstairs once they had had their drink.

The room looked exactly the same as she had left it at the end of last summer. The walls were yellow, and through the large window you could see the neighbour's house. The bed was huge, especially for a young girl as Isabelle was. There was also a big chair, a small desk, and a wooden cupboard. She put her bag with the books on the desk. Belle loved to read, she was a real bookworm, always had been. She always made sure that she had enough books with her to get through the summer.

Then she walked to the window. Granny had told her on the phone a few months ago that the neighbours, an elderly couple, had moved out, and that a new family had moved in. Belle was curious about the new neighbours, and hoped to catch a glimpse of them. She was lucky. In the garden next-door, two boys were playing football. They looked about her age, or maybe a little bit older. She hoped they could become her friends. She watched the boys for a while, then went back downstairs and out into the garden, where her parents, Granny and sister were sitting.

“Does your room look alright?” Granny asked.

“Yes! It’s lovely, as always!”

“I’m glad to hear that, princess. Please sit down, I’ll pour you a glass of orange juice.”

Belle took the chair next to her sister and listened to the adults, who talked about topics that didn’t really interest her. Instead, she wondered about the two boys next-door. Would they be nice? She was a girl that made friends easily, and most kids on this street were already on her list of friends. To start with, there was Damien. Jackie too, of course, but the age difference between the two girls was too big for them to actually be close friends. Then there was Audrey, a girl of her age who lived three houses away. She always missed Audrey when she was in the Lake District, which was where she lived with her parents. The two girls had been writing long letters to each other for three years now. For Isabelle, Damien and Audrey were the two most important people in Stockport, where her Granny lived. Of course, there were a lot of others she liked as well, but she didn’t see them as often.

“Granny, can I go to Audrey later this evening?” Belle asked suddenly.

The old woman turned away from Belle’s parents, to whom she had been talking, and smiled. “I’ve already invited her over, princess. Damien and Jackie are coming too, and we’re all going to eat as many pancakes as you can handle.”

Belle’s face lit up, and so did Louise’s. The seven-year-old loved pancakes, it was her favourite meal ever. Belle jumped up and hugged her Granny. “That’s awesome, gran, I can’t wait to see them again!”

“I’ve got another surprise too,” the old woman said. “I’ve invited two other guests as well. I figured you would want to meet the two boys that live next-door now, so I invited them too.”

“Are they nice?”

“Yes, dear, they’re very friendly and polite. I’m sure you’re going to like them.”

Belle’s parents, who had watched the little conversation with a smile on their faces, decided that it was time for them to go. Her dad went inside to carry the girls’ bags to their rooms, and their mum gave Granny some last instructions (“Remember, Louise is allergic to strawberries and Belle is recovering from a bad cold, so don’t forget to give her her cough syrup before she goes to bed for two more days!”).

Granny nodded and winked, “Then I’ll make sure to give little Louise a big bowl of strawberries tonight!”

Then it was time for all of them to say their goodbyes. Louise shed a couple of tears as her parents gave her a big hug. However, after they promised to come and visit them for a weekend as soon as possible, the tears disappeared. They all went to the driveway of the house. The two girls and Granny waved until the car was out of sight.

“Finally,” Granny said, “They’re gone. Now let the party begin!”

The two girls giggled as they walked back into the house. Oh yes, they were going to have a great summer here, that was for sure!

The girls sat on the kitchen table as they watched their Granny take everything she needed out from the cupboards to make a delicious meal for the kids. As she did so, the two girls told her excitedly about the things that had happened to them the last couple of weeks. Belle told about the good grades she had received for her tests at school. Louise couldn’t shut up about the trip to the zoo she had made with her class, she told eagerly about all the animals she had seen and that she had liked the elephants the best.

Half an hour later, their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

“Oh, our first guests have arrived!” Granny said.

“I’ll open the door!” Belle exclaimed as she jumped up from her chair. She couldn’t wait to see Damien and Audrey, and she was looking forward to meeting the new boys.

She swung the door open, impatient to see who the first one to arrive was. She grinned at the two boys in front of her. She recognized them, it was them who she had seen playing football earlier that day.

“Hi!” she said, giving them her best smile.

“Hi,” the tallest boy said. He seemed shy, and his cheeks were a soft pink.

The shorter guy didn’t seem shy at all. “Hello,” he said, shaking her hand. “My name’s Dominic, and this is my brother Matthew. But you can just call us Dom and Matt. Your Granny invited us.”

Belle nodded eagerly. “Yes, I know. My name’s Isabelle, but you can call me Belle.” She took a step to the side so that the boys could come in. They looked a lot like each other; it was obvious that they were brothers. They both had light-brown hair and grey eyes. The only difference was that Matt was a lot taller than Dom.

“Wow, your gran’s house looks exactly like ours!” Dom said as he looked around. “Only the furniture is different!”

Belle decided that she liked this guy a lot, he was so straight-forward, and as he spoke, he had this goofy grin on his face which you had to love. “That’s cool,” she said. “So where did you guys live before you moved here?”

“Germany.” Again, it was Dom who answered. By then they had arrived at the kitchen, where her Granny greeted the two boys. Belle directed them to the garden were the table was set. The table-cloth was bright yellow, which made the garden look like summer had really arrived.

“Wow, Germany, that’s so cool! So you speak German?”

“Ja sicher, Belle, wir sprechen Deutsch!”

Belle looked at him, clueless. She didn’t know any languages besides English, and the couple of French words her parents had taught her when they were on a holiday in France during spring break.

“He said that we do speak German,” Matt said, his first words since they had greeted each other.

“Oh,” Belle smiled, “You’ll have to teach me some German words then!"

“I will, do you know what scheiße means?”

“Dom!” Matt yelled as Belle shook her head innocently.

She looked at the two brothers, not knowing what this was about. She wouldn’t find out either, because at that moment, a high voice screamed Belle’s name. Belle looked up to see a blonde girl running towards her. Audrey!

Both girls squealed loudly as they hugged. “I missed you so much!” they said in unison, which resulted in more squeals and excited giggles.

When they finally let go of each other, Belle turned towards the two boys, who had watched the whole ‘show’ with amusement. “Guys, this is my friend Audrey; Audrey, these two guys, Dom and Matt, just moved next door. “

“Hi,” Audrey said, without giving the guys as much as a glance. There was only one boy she liked, and that was Damien, she despised all the other males from the neighbourhood. Belle had never really understood why.

They all sat down around the table and started talking about everything that came into their minds. Belle was surprised to see that, after the cold greeting, Audrey did seem to get along with Matt after all, although she kept ignoring Dom, but the latter didn’t seem to care. Not much later, Damien, Jackie and Louise joined them, and soon they were all sitting there with a delicious pile of pancakes in front of them. They all had a great time, and Granny, too, seemed to enjoy herself. She liked being surrounded by these kids, it made her feel younger than she was.

“Hey,” Dom asked Belle at the end of the evening. “Matt and I are going to the pond tomorrow, do you want to join us?”

Belle nodded. “Certainly! Can I bring Audrey?”

Dom shrugged. “Yeah, whatever. Bring Damien too, if he feels like it.”

“That’s settled then,” Dom grinned as he patted her back. Dom and Matt waved one last time before they walked out of the garden.

Belle smiled as she walked back to Audrey and Damien. It seemed like she had just made two new friends, and that always made her happy.


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